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About SteppingStonesSupport | Ragnarok

Our teen chat room, Ragnarok, is a place where teenagers (age 13-19) can share their story and express themselves in a safe and friendly chat environment. You can log in anonymously as a guest, or if you're feeling a little more brave, make a username and gather in to meet friends from all over the world! Ragnarok is moderated by a friendly and dedicated team and inappropriate behaviour like bullying other kids will not be tolerated! 

                                                                                                                                                Before you join: There's a couple of important house rules you'll have to follow to ensure your own safety in our chatrooms. Please read them carefully and follow them accordingly: 

No chat around drugs/alcohol use is permitted as it may trigger other people.

The site does not promote or permit the advertising of messengers such as Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, or Tinder.

You must be 13 years of age and no older than 19 to use this chatroom. If you enter the
SteppingStonesSupport chat room you do so knowing that you meet
this age requirement.

Dating SteppingStonesSupport is currently not a dating site and
prohibits terms such as a/s/l.

We welcome chatters from all over the world. However, the only language permitted
is English.

No links must be shared in the main chat room other than those directly associated
with SteppingStonesSupport and our Forum.

Nicknames must be appropriate.

This chatroom is designed for support. SteppingStonesSupport appreciates that
conversations will sometimes go off-topic but when asked, please return to the
topic of support.

Profanities – Please try to keep conversations civil and profanities at

There are no medical or other professionals affiliated with our site or chat
room. SteppingStonesSupport insists that no chatter claims to be a healthcare
professional as we simply have no way to prove this.

Treat all members, chatters, and moderators with respect and understanding at
all times. We will not tolerate any behavior/language that is discriminatory,
harassing or derogatory.

We do not allow the glorification or encouragement of suicidal thoughts or self-injury. We do not
profess to be nor are we equipped to deal with such matters. This puts immense
pressure on people in the room. Please contact a local crisis support number
for help: www.steppingstonessupport.com/crisis.

Mods act in the capacity of supervising the effective/harmonious running of the
chatroom. Site owners are: fizzylady (F) and Omreeny (O). (A) are
Admins, (S) are Supervisors, (M) Mediators and (T) Trusted Assistants. Any
decision made by a SteppingStonesSupport Moderator should be respected.