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SteppingStonesSupport is a global community, one that's been built by members, for members. Connected by the desire to bring the world a little closer together, our vision is to help improve the lives of people around the world and provide an answer to social isolation and loneliness that everyone ultimately faces at some point in their lives, whether they are seeking friendship, companionship or anything in between. 

That means everything at SteppingStonesSupport is a result of the efforts of SteppingStonesSupport members, whether that's 24/7 online discussions with other members around the world, providing peer support and sharing personal insights, organising get-togethers, keeping each other motivated and accountable, helping with member verification, even volunteering their time to help grow the community. Our members know what it's like to need companionship, and ultimately everyone has a role to play in making life better for each other. Why don't you join us? 


SteppingStonesSupport is created by a small team of people who are passionate about creating a community that helps make people day's better. Every member of the SteppingStonesSupport team has joined because they believe in making a positive impact on the world, which is why you will often find them volunteering to spend their time supporting and assisting members of the SteppingStonesSupport community in their free time. Come say hi to them in the chatrooms!


fizzylady, Founder

'Lady of Fizz', 'Chat Mum' or 'Mistress of Chains' as she would prefer to be called, is the mother of this site. When she isn't making sure her stooges are working hard at the peanut gallery, you'll find her fantasising about lying on a bed of silk and commitment, being fed grapes by loving, loyal men while they fan her with exotic peacock feathers.

Omreeny, Founder

The man. The myth. The unpaid intern at work you ask to do things. He is a man of many hidden talents, that's why we call him 'Mr Madam'. Oh, and 'Omerlin' too. 'Cause he's a wizard! He likes canned tuna, hates coconuts. He's quick-witted, and might know a couple references you thought nobody else would know. He punctuates his sentences with compulsive rigor but he's really just a big softie with a bear hug.

Site Developer

The father and developer of the site, Malcolm is its backbone. When he isn't busy bug hunting or practicing the art of being a tree decoration, he is making sure fizzylady is amply plied with breakfast tea before she cracks her whip out. Do try to be patient with your countless emoji requests, he's probably already working on it ^_^

Public Relations Coordinator

This is Francie, our UI/UX web designer and PR Coordinator. She isn't usually the type to engage in online chatrooms, but she stumbled her way upon this sanctuary of friends and decided to stick around. At the same time, she and her soulmate found each other on here (he's in the back of her picture). She comes with a passion for mental health advocacy, a knack for news and is a keen follower of online trends. She enjoys typing at near inhuman speeds and loves pangolins.