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Hello Im loungAct
Aussie Lounge potateo extraordinaire night owl by nature
Staff to both 2 cats Romeo and Jazz
Spawner of 2, one mini one teen. Very privte by nature.
Love all things cat and fox. fennect fox being my favrite . No particular favorite cat breed.
Passionate about mental health and wellbeing ,adhd and homelessness advocacy and peer support worker .
Hobbies are sleeping ,binge watching series,annoying Romeo, gardening to avoid my never shrinking laundry pile and all things Spawn raising .
I have a dark senses of humour
Talents :Negotiator of xbox , maid, teacher, entertainer creative thinker , care giver ,home decorator ,organiser endlessly trying to meet spawns needs / wants ( and failing on same but im ok with that )art enthusiast and bike rider. All while juggling my mental health issues
Well that about all i can think of now.

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you are a warrior you are awesome

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