The Virus

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The Virus

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The virus

The wind is strangled
In homes are humans trapped
The race has stopped
To think afresh the time's dawned
Racing along we've been
Seeking what, have you seen?
Fighting over race and faith
Competing we have been
Estranged as class and caste
High and low and rich and poor
Buried is humanity
Suffocating in concepts foreign
Knowledge is power
Who said so?
Exams, papers, success, glory
Professional goals
Certificates a thousand and degrees
Bachelors, Masters, PhDs
Oh so learnt aren't we all?
No somehow it seems not at all...
Nature's in smoke
See black clouds
Burning, scorching is our Mother
Oh humans! you've been so great
To moon, to Mars you've been
The world's a village
Or so it said
The gifts of brain it seems
Much esteemed science
You've hidden your face
In face of nature's nature
Virus spread...
Such a malady never before perceived
The human mind is ill
Glory which glimmers
Races to run
And to win, win, win
But no
Have you seen
There's a figure waving
It embraces us
Then strangles us
Wind is gone.
Development they called it.
Look into the heart and soul
What do you see?
Humanity lies dying.
Stop now and open your eyes
Human is our race
There's no other...
Time has come to think afresh.

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Re: The Virus

Post by LivingMemory »

... True, and beautifully formed. Words, of worry, inspiration, passion and hopes for the future - either that, or no future at all to come. For I agree, there is a need for change. Remaining stagnant and residing in narrow-minded patterns - as of what glory, fame and fortune leads to.

The virus will teach a great few, that today is another, but tomorrow is no guarantee. That we're causing our own damnation. I know that sooner or later, there will be another type of crisis, be it famine, be it war, be it greed - as history has repeated itself. I for one, hope more learns that, tinkering with things as ... dangerous as viral plagues ... and the likes, is not something worth risking another cataclysmic fight for survival.

Still I have hopes that some will open the eyes of those in power.

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