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Welcome to the SteppingStonesSupport

To help avoid automated spamming of these forums, you are required to register before you are able to post.

We do not wish to impose a multitude of rules and conditions as to what is acceptable on these forum. We ask that you are conscious of others feelings at all times, and show appropriate respect. Fundamentally, we would ask you to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

“ You are expected to show consideration, understanding and respect to others at all times.

“ We do not tolerate the use of strong profanities, or posts of a sexually explicit nature. Such content can often be disturbing to others and will be immediately removed.

“ It is required that you use a single registered username whenever you login; this is to help promote trust with fellow users. Please ensure you keep a record of your username and password.

“ Advertising, or the promotion of any other similar forums or chat rooms is prohibited. Any such activity will result in an immediate ban.

Please feel free to contact a moderator of the site or email us at info@steppingstonessupport.com

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