Instructions for Use

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Instructions for Use

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1. Hit Registration top right
2. Check language box top right
3. Agree to terms
4. Pick user name (between 3 and 20 characters)
5. Choose password – between 6 and 100 characters
6. Confirm password again
7. Choose Language
8. Timezone
9. Copy displayed confirmation code as it appears
10. Hit Submit
11. Once everything is entered correctly, please check your emails (including spam folder) for verification email before being permitted to login

To Create a Post

1. Choose appropriate Topic heading (ie. to put up a piece of poetry – choose “Writing Corner”)
2. Click on topic Heading – in this example “Writing corner”
3. Then Hit “New Topic” top left
4. A window will open where you can put the subject heading in and then proceed to put your text in the text box. There are functions there for Bold, Italic and Underline as well as others. Just please customise as you see fit
5. Hit “preview” to see a copy of what it will look like. Edit if necessary.
6. Once happy with what you see, please hit “submit”. [/list]

To Create a Post WITH Attachments

1. Please following the above instructions points 1 – 4
2. At the bottom of the text box you will see three tabs – Options, Attachments and Poll Creation. Please hit “Attachments”.
3. Once this tab is opened, please hit “Add files”
4. This should open up a window on your computer. Please access the photo or attachment you want to add to your post and double click it – this will open up another box underneath with “File Name” “File Comment” “Size” and “Status”. This will download the document.
5. Once it is downloaded a “Place Inline” function should appear in this box. Please click it. This will post the link to the attachment in your text box.
6. Once you have added all your attachments in the same way ie. following steps 1 – 4 above hit “Preview” to see finished post.
7. Once completed – please hit “Submit”.[/list]

To Respond to a Post

1. Login as normal
2. Hit Topic
3. Click on post that you want to respond to
4. Bottom of the post there is a “Post Reply” function – please click that
5. Text box opens for you to complete
6. Hit “Preview” to check if all is in order
7. Hit “Submit” and there it goes!

To Delete a Post

You can only delete your own Posts

1. Login
2. Hit Topic Heading
3. Find Post that you want to delete
4. Top of the post there is an “X” function – please hit it and post is deleted

If you need any help with the forum, please speak to fizzylady or Omreeny :)