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Recent Acquisitions

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Here's a topic to discuss newly "acquired" books. Whether you are currently reading them, or they are waiting in your TBR pile.

I walked into an independent bookstore, today. I was looking for a particular book. I didn't find it.

A book found me... it is "TRUGANINI: Journey through the apocalypse" by Cassandra Pybus.

I remember reading in my World Book encylopedia that informed me Truganini was the last "full-blood Aboriginal" to die in Tasmania. I always wondered how they knew that. It is sad that for many years she has been remembered for being the last of "a dying race".

This newly published (2020) book is an attempt at writing a biography for Truganini, that captures the clash between two cultures.

I have only read to page 14, but highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Australian history, or First Nations people, in general.

I will try to write a fuller review, when I have finished the book.

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