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SteppingStonesSupport is about Community and Companionship

We do things a little differently here at SteppingStonesSupport. We have off-topic chats and share plenty of cheesy memes and emojis - all that fun stuff. We also cater to those in need of peer-support. Our free live chatrooms offer a friendly ear to those in need of an open conversation during times of depression, stress, ill-health or isolation. But most of all, we are a community created by members, for members, from all across the world. So come on in, bring your coffee and chill with us in the Rock Cafe. 're open 24/7 :)

Not just another social network


At SteppingStonesSupport, we value companionship above everything else. As a site that was established by a group of friends, we want to bring a better chat experience to people experiencing social isolation and mental ill-health. We help our members find and make new friends and companions through peer-support and shared experiences. 


We're a growing online family that help our members connect with each other. We aren't a faceless organisation. Even our site founders are regular users of the chat themselves. Get to know us and learn what makes us community unique!


Our chatrooms are moderated by trained volunteers who ensure that our chatrooms remain respectful and engaging, so that nobody gets left out! We aim to cater to every person's interests under the sun, but try to avoid letting certains topics take over the main chatroom. 

Companionship in all its forms

Rock Cafe

Chill and Chat. Vent about that neighbour with the loud dogs. Tell us what's keeping you up. This is the big kids club (16+ only).

The Pit

Uncensored. Things you wouldn't be allowed to say in the Rock Cafe. Politics. Religion, etc. 16+ rules apply. 


For those who need a little more focused-support and less chit. 16+ rules apply.

Security means everything to us

At SteppingStones, the safety of our members is paramount. Before joining our chatrooms, our members must perform a verification check during the sign-up process. It's a little tedious but this prevents scammers and trolls from abusing our site or contacting our members. It also ensures that all our members are 16 and up and joining the site via a direct connection, keeping the community peer-to-peer and safe.

Our site uses 256-bit encryption with the highest level SSL Certificate available, making it hard for hackers to access your data, keeping all your SteppingStonesSupport information secure.



Our international rooms help you meet like minded people from all over the world to turn your dim day into a brighter one.

Always available

We're live and open 24/7 with hundreds of compassionate people logging in from different timezones to keep you company.


Give your messages character with personalised emojis and text formatting. We support private chats and group chats.


All of our users hear about us by personal referral and social media. We don't run ads. Every person that joins our site becomes a part of our ever-growing community.


Our chat assistants aim to respond to messages quickly so that you receive the company and support that you need.  

On any device

We're accessable via phone, desktop or tablet, with our very own mobile app coming soon.

What are our members saying?

"I enjoy the good company I have here. Sometimes it's regulars, other times it's newcomers. They are there for me when I'm feeling down and I'll be there for them when they are. As much as I like the other rooms, my favourite would be The Pit - where I've enjoyed honest, odd, and downright hilarious conversations. SteppingStonesSupport is my go-to place to talk about things I otherwise wouldn't do in person."


Member, joined Oct 2019

"I like everything about this site. The forum is easy to get around, the people are very welcoming and it's easy to have a conversation with anyone in the main chat. I always feel better when I leave the chat than worse when I came in. The chat assistants are very good at what they do and fizzylady and Omreeny are always a big help. It's an amazing little chatroom and I hope it stays around for a long time."


Member, joined Dec 2018

"Joining SteppingStonesSupport has been the best choice I have made. The understanding and support this little community has extended to me is immeasurable, and the laughters we have shared will be unforgettable. Up until a few months ago, I wouldn't have dared to accept a hug, or even think of giving one. Here, you know that you are amongst friends who truly care. I searched a lifetime for this feeling, and I found it here."


Member, joined Jan 2019